From Arizona State University to the University of Tennessee, SART members have produced outstanding social justice-focused scholarship and matriculated to elite graduate programs, as well as pursued exciting careers in public and private sectors. Learn more about the lab’s alumni below.

Candice Bain was a founding member of SART from 2013-2014 at ASU. She was an editorial assistant for the first edition of Dr. Grzanka’s book, Intersectionality: A Foundations and Frontiers Reader (2014, Westview Press), and she conducted an integrative literature review synthesizing works from queer theory, music therapy, and feminist studies for her Honors thesis, which was ultimately published in The Arts in Psychotherapy. She is now a board-certified music therapist and a graduate clinical psychology student at the Wright Institute's Psy.D program in Berkeley, CA, aiming to work as a social justice-oriented clinician with ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, and forensic populations. 



Jenn Blazer was a member of SART (2012-2014) at ASU. She co-led an investigative study on "straight ally" identities and activisms with fellow SART member, Jake Adler. The results of the study were published as "Making Up Allies: The Identity Choreography of Straight LGBT Activism" in Sexuality Research and Social Policy. After graduating from Barrett Honors College at ASU, Jenn joined the Phoenix-based start-up company, Tuft & Needle, where she has helped the digitally native mattress company grow from 50 employees to over 150 in her time there. 


Zeruiah Buchanan (She/Her/Hers) joined SART in 2016 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). For a year she studied LARC promotion policies through an intersectional lens. During the summer of 2016, Dr. Grzanka mentored her while she participated in the EAP Summer Research Institute. In May of 2017, She graduated with her B.A. in Africana Studies and Psychology with a minor in American Studies. Zeruiah is now a Master’s student in public health at UTK studying community health education, statistics, and epidemiology. She is excited to pursue a career in psychiatric epidemiology.


Adi Wiezel was a founding member of SART (2010-2012) at ASU, where she worked on a variety of survey research projects, including scale development studies. She is now a Ph.D. student in social psychology at ASU, and her research interests emphasize the roles of affect, motivation, and functional specificity in areas including political attitudes, leadership, and education. Recent and current research projects examine how status motivations influence political attitudes, the structure of US political attitudes and polarization, different types of leadership preferences, and the influence of different kinds of affect on motivation and engagement in education. 

Milo Boggan [they/them/theirs] joined the lab in 2016 and co-authored a qualitative study on music therapists’ reactions to a radically inclusive model of queer music therapy practice. In 2017, Milo graduated from the College Scholars program at the University of Tennessee where they received their bachelor’s in The Foundations of Music Therapy and Mental Health. They are now preparing to enter the Masters of Music Therapy program at Slippery Rock University in the fall of 2019.


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Jessica Pruett was a member of SART (2013-2014) at ASU. She organized and conducted survey research on neoliberal attitudes with over 200 research participants. She is now a Ph.D. candidate in Culture and Theory at UC Irvine. Her dissertation, entitled “A Woman’s Place: Popular Culture and the Afterlife of Lesbian Feminism,” examines the relationship between lesbian feminist history and contemporary popular culture

Jake Adler was a founding member of SART (2012-2014) at ASU. He helped conceptualize and build the original online SART Research Database and co-led an investigative study on "straight ally" identities and activisms, the results of which were published as "Making Up Allies: The Identity Choreography of Straight LGBT Activism" in Sexuality Research and Social Policy. After working as a Fulbright Scholar and Boren Fellow with the U.S. Consulate in Kolkata, India for two years, Jake completed his MFA in Creative Writing at The New School in New York City. He now works at the NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, where he plans and implements policy-driven social media campaigns and conducts community outreach with local immigrant activist groups.