We conduct applied social research that takes an intersectional approach. Led by Director Patrick R. Grzanka’s longstanding program of research in intersectionality studies, SART members are actively engaged in work that seeks to understand how (1) systems of inequality co-create each other, (2) how individuals, groups, and social movements resist their oppression, and (3) how best to address and intervene in harmful policies and processes that harm socially marginalized groups.

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Intersectionality: Foundations and Frontiers (Second Edition)

Routledge (2019)

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From Buzzword to Critical Psychology: An Invitation to Take Psychology Seriously

Forthcoming in Women & Therapy

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Intersectionality and Feminist Psychology: Power, Knowledge, and Process

APA Handbook on the Psychology of Women, Vol 1 (APA Books, 2018)


Intersectionality Research in Counseling Psychology

Journal of Counseling Psychology (2017)


Using Intersectionality Responsibly: Toward Critical Epistemology, Structural Analysis, and Social Justice Activism

Journal of Counseling Psychology (2017)


Intersectionality, Inc.: A Dialogue on Intersectionality’s Travels and Tribulations

Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, & Social Justice (2017)


Undoing the Psychology of Gender: Intersectional Feminism and Social Science Pedagogy

In Intersectional Pedagogy, edited by Kim A. Case (Routledge, 2017)


Intersections and Configurations

Archives of Sexual Behavior (2016)


Intersectionality: A Foundations and Frontiers Reader

Westview Press (2014)