Grzanka's new book reviewed in Hypatia: "A significant intellectual contribution" / by Patrick Grzanka

The first edition of Intersectionality: Foundations and Frontiers (Westview Press, 2014) was recently reviewed in Hypatia, the leading journal of feminist philosophy, as part of a review essay. Alongside their assessment of Patricia Hill Collins and Sirma Bilge’s co-authored book Intersectionality (2016), reviewers Carly Thomsen and Jessyka Finley wrote:

“The range of both the topics addressed and the (inter)disciplinary institutional locations of contributing scholars speaks to the capaciousness of intersectionality (as theory, method, practice)—that is, its usefulness for addressing a range of issues across academic fields….Grzanka’s superb editing and translating of complicated theoretical ideas into a digestible format is a significant intellectual contribution, one that will be particularly useful for introductory courses on difference, marginalization, and oppression.”

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